10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Dog Parent

Dogs only exist for their lives, but we’re their entire life to them. They depend on us for everything, from everyday physical and mental well-being to overall safety and well-being.

We are incredibly blessed by their endless affection and love, and unbeatable companionship. Sometimes, as we deal with daily chores, it’s tempting to do the routine of looking after our pets instead of actively working towards making their lives more enjoyable.

Within this post, you’ll discover some easy methods to increase your pet’s playing field to ensure that your dog enjoys the most enjoyable life.

Build Your Bond Through Training

If you’ve just adopted the puppy or adult dog you rescued from the shelter, you should invest in some basic obedience training to aid your new dog in becoming a good-natured family member. Learning to teach your dog the basics of commands, like “sit,” “stay,” as well as ” leave it,” and “leave it,” can help in ensuring a positive experience for both of you as well as your dog.

Continue to train independently to remain constant. The time spent training can assist puppies in expending energy, meaning you’ll have time to yourself when they rest.

Get in That Daily Walk

If life gets hectic and your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, avoiding a walk could be an excellent idea. However, whether you’re the Shih Tzu or a Saint Bernard, your dog requires a daily routine to stay mentally and physically healthy. Although smaller breeds do not require the same amount of training, they need the stimulation from taking a walk in fresh air and absorbing the smells.

Larger breeds require more than one stroll (or longer walks) between 30 minutes to 2 hours each day for exercise and stimulation. Find out how much exercise your dog needs according to breed.

If you have a pet who enjoys being with other dogs, bring your dog to the closest dog park or a pet-friendly beach where you can socialize and play. You may be able to make new friends. You and your dog can benefit from exploring the trails together.

Try New Physical Activities Together

Your dog may be physically active and loves trying different tricks; agility training can help strengthen her muscles to keep her in form and increase the overall quality of her life. Any dog that is physically fit and is focused on the person who handles it is enough to make a dog proficient in agility. Most often, dogs from herding groups, like Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and Australian Cattle Dogs, tend to excel in agility training. Attending classes together could increase your bond and create an activity you each look forward to.

Some dogs love water that doesn’t all. However, those who do like swimming in it. Did you realize that dogs aren’t naturally swimmers? They require training in swimming. Register your dog for swimming lessons at the local doggie pool and watch her light up with excitement while swimming laps. Here’s a how-to to teach your pet how to swim.

Keep Things Interesting With Brain Games

Dogs are intelligent creatures that require mental stimulation to keep them active and stimulate their brains. During training, a puppy can learn briefly that sitting down will earn her treats. This is only one of the many examples showing our dog companions’ uniqueness. Please keep your dog’s mind sharp and their daily lives more enjoyable by introducing cognitive activities and interactive feeding devices into their daily routine. Pet owners can begin with simple treat dispensers like the Kong and then move on to more complex puzzles requiring a bit longer for dogs to solve.

Encourage your pet’s inherent instincts and desire to hunt/track and retrieve by offering hide-and-seek games like placing high-value treats in furniture or in upside-down flower pots to hunt.

Be Attentive and Present

It’s undisputed that puppies require a lot of love and attention. Pet parents spend most of the daytime hours ensuring they’re secure, receiving enough attention, and preventing them from getting into trouble. However, adult dogs seem content and relaxed on their couch or bed. While senior dogs and adult dogs appear to be self-sufficient, in the absence of walks and meals, however, they need our attention and affection.

If you work at home, you can take time in the morning for belly rubs and play with pets. If you are unwinding on the TV, take your phone or tablet aside and snuggle with your pet on the sofa. They’ll be thrilled by the attention, and you’ll find some relief from stress.

Keep Their Comfort Top of Mind

Whatever your pet’s age, the need for a cozy home is a place to feel secure and comfortable, regardless of whether it’s an animal cage or a preferred bed. The dogs are naturally devious. They prefer an area to feel safe, whether they need a break from their children running around or after a trip.

As your pet gets older and gets older, she might require extra assistance, particularly when she is suffering from mobility or joint pain or needs help getting to and from the steps. Lay down yoga mats and pet-friendly rugs if your floors are hardwood, and install small ramps over stairs to allow your pet’s senior to move around. More miniature puppies or dogs with mobility issues might get this Paw Ramp from Alpha Paw to relieve tension and stress from their legs and backs.

Make a Safety Checklist

Remember to consider the importance of protecting your dog. Making a list of things to be done and potentially dangerous food items will help protect your dog from possible hazards.

Once you have your dog, attach the ID tag with your name and contact details to her collar so that she can quickly return home if she disappears. Bring your dog to the veterinarian to have her microchip fitted to remain identifiable should the collar and tags disappear. Make sure that you update the profile on your free online account for the microchip with the most up-to-date details so that you are connected to a 24-hour emergency hotline, and anyone who needs help can get in touch with you.

Dogs, particularly during puppyhood, tend to be curious and devour anything they see. Ensure that dangerous food items like chocolate grapes, onions, grapes, and bones have not been cooked away from your dog’s reach. Check that your backyard and home have no plants that could cause harm for your dogs, like Lily of the Valley, peace lilies, azaleas, and tulips. Also, if you have a fenced yard, be sure to take a look and close any gaps your dog can’t escape.

Let Your Pet Be Pampered

Regular grooming, once every four to six weeks, can help your dog appear and smell amazing. This will also stop their fur and hair from clumping, which could cause discomfort and pain. Brushing can help the dog’s skin breathe and helps to reduce grease, which can lead to skin irritations. Nail trimming helps keep your pet’s nails at an appropriate length and allows them to walk comfortably. Long nails can put pressure on their legs as well as feet and could cause less traction.

Examine your dog’s ears every month to ensure they’re healthy. A clean ear is pink, without discharge or smell. If you notice anything amiss, use a veterinarian-approved cleaner and cotton balls to clean your dog’s ears to avoid possible ear infections and other related issues.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

An animal that is healthy and well-fed will be happy. Visit your pet’s vet for a yearly check-up to ensure your dog is current on vaccinations. As your dog ages, periodic visits are an excellent way to detect and deal with any health concerns that might be present.

For any issues that may arise during appointments, think about enrolling with an online health service to allow you to consult with a technician from your veterinarian or a vet via video chat. A telehealth consultation can be vital in determining if an emergency is present and when you can manage the issue at home. In addition, knowing that medical help is only a phone call at a click, no matter the location, can help keep anxiety about your pet’s health low.

Take a Pet-Friendly Vacation

Much like humans, dogs enjoy a change of surroundings. The idea of taking your dog with you for a drive and camping can ease any anxiety or boredom from which your dog might be suffering. Also, they can discover new scents and meet new acquaintances.

Before you take to the roads, ensure you have the appropriate protective gear for your vehicle, like an inflatable hammock for the backseat and a secure harness to attach to the seat belt. For small puppies and dogs, the crate is a great option to ensure they are safe inside the rear. Do not let your dog roam around with their heads out of the window, as it could be struck by debris or sick from breathing cold air. If you are crossing state lines, you’ll require a valid health certificate from the vet showing that your animal has been vaccinated.

In Conclusion

Your dog is already a beloved pet; however, becoming the most loving pet caregiver can require you to pay attention to your pet’s physical, emotional, and emotional requirements. This means taking a deep breath away from distractions and paying attention to your pet. Implementing some of the ideas in this article can strengthen your bond and make your relationship with your pet even more enduring.

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