Why Does my Cat Sleep on my Backpack?

Here are a few of the main motives she (and your cat) could choose a sleeping bag over another spot.


Do you remember dropping a document on the floor, and then when you come back to retrieve it, your cat has already sat on top of it?

Have you also laid a blanket in another room, and when you return to remove it, your cat is asleep on it?

This could have something to be due to being a cat. We are fond of new toys.

While it may take some time to get used to or take your cat a while before they accept new things, they can adapt quickly.

You can imagine cats that quickly discover new sleeping spots or are obsessed with new items will return to their familiar areas over time.

This is why you frequently see our cats sleeping throughout the house in various places and nooks.

If you’re looking for suggestions for a new place to sleep that your feline can sleep in, we suggest looking through our favorite caves and cat beds here.

The cat smells a STRANGER’S SMELL and wants to FRETRY IT.

Cats are territorial animals that must mark each place (with smell) they feel is secure or think of as their property.

Since scent glands are present in their heads, cheeks, and paws, a cat might rub their feet against your body and knead their favorite objects, headbutt, or the couch.

Even though scents can last for a while, they don’t last forever, and your cat has always been on the lookout to ensure that, regardless of what happens, everything smells precisely like their scents.

Backpacks store a vast array of scents. We don’t even realize it.

Scents may include grass, people, dirt, food, and other animals. The list could go continues.

As you might already know, Our cat Kalista is a snarly cat, and you’ll often find her sniffing objects touched by strangers or things imported from the outside.

The more smells similar to Kalista, the more delicious.

Aside from sleeping, I’m convinced that scenting is the most well-known thing you’ll find Kalista doing. It’s intriguing since Beau rarely smells anything.

Sometimes, when cats try to cover up the smells of backpacks, they make a kneading motion before sleeping on it.

The cat that you are with screams THE BAG

It’s not a secret how much cats enjoy their owner’s scent, mainly because it can make a cat feel as if their pet is nearby.

Similar to a cat’s desire to cover up the smell of a stranger, which makes them feel more secure because their scent is familiar and is believed to be safe for cats.

It is also why your cat could smell you or rub against you, and a portion of their scent will get on you, and the reverse is true.

Backpacks can be pretty stinky, particularly in the heat of summer, or you are often sweating.

In such instances, the cats may doze off on the bag or lie in the bag. However, the majority of them do not hide smells from their owners.

Cats can also choose not to rest on the bag’s front and instead request the pack be turned over so that they can sniff the scent closely.

I don’t know why my cat doesn’t prefer to sleep with me.

And, depending upon when you last cleaned, put on deodorant, etc. It’s possible that you won’t appear quite as “stinky” as cat owners would like.

Remember that cats are amazed by our socks and feet because they’re incredibly sassy… regardless of when we don’t want socks to become.

It’s warm, and CATS LOVE warmth!

Remember that cats are in a never-ending search to create everything that smells exactly like their own? Cats are always looking to discover warmth.

Because cats come from warmer desert climates, They prefer cooler temperatures.

The need for warmth is why you can observe your cat circling all over your property to catch the sun and ensure they’re as warm as they can get.

It could be looking out for the sun, climbing into laundry baskets, or lying on your back Cats will do anything they can to keep warm.

Backpacks are generally good insulation and are especially effective if they have an incredibly soft bottom. Your cat will likely enjoy lying in your backpack, if you can imagine.

It’s fascinating because Beau can sleep on my backpack. However, it’s set up because he’s sleeping almost everywhere. However, Kalista can only sleep on my bag if placed face-down.


There are many reasons your cat would love to sleep in your bag; most of them are based on the scent of the backpack and whether or not it is comfy.

You’d prefer to take your backpack in the car because they will likely treat it like a top cat sleeping area!

As a pet owner, I want to know if your cat sleeps in your bag.

Do you have a cat with an item of clothing or bag that is a favorite of clothing?

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