Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Eyes Open? Should I Be Worried?

My cats constantly change their favorite places to rest. However, one thing is the same. My cats can spend most of their time in the house, laying around in a state of sleep or just relaxing.

It could be on my backpack, our chests, our laundry baskets in our heads, or even their current favorite in our feet. Our cats are always looking for strange places to rest.

My cats do not just sleep in different locations and locations, but they also like to sleep in various places, such as sleeping on their sides and hanging off the side of objects.

As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, when our cats sleep in different places, it can scare us, particularly if they don’t respond or move. One of the incidents which shocked me most was seeing Beau asleep with their eyes closed.

Numerous animal species, such as chinchillas, rest with their eyes closed. However, the fact that chinchillas can lie down with their eyes completed without issue is a guarantee that cats can too.

The next article will discuss the essential information you should know about why cats have their eyes open when they sleep, regardless of whether vets have concerns about the cats who rest with their eyes closed. The issues vets may face concerning their sleeping eyes open.


There is no need to call to alarm your cat if it sleeps without its eyes shut. Many cats do this.

While there are no reasons to be concerned about your cat’s health when they sleep with their eyes closed, it is advisable to keep an eye on them to check whether your cat has unusual behavior like shaking, seizures, etc.

Why does your cat sleep with their EYES OPEN?

Cats are known to sleep without even realizing it, particularly when they are young.

Cats can tell when they are amid a sleepy spell, but they may resist it out of their instincts to survive. Tired spells are often a trigger for cats to fall asleep standing up or to fall off shelves/ledges or, my favorite, cats to sleep on their feeding bowls.

There are many times when cats sleep without their eyes shut. The cats do not have their eyes closed during the beginning of their sleeping cycle.

As with the human species, cats have different types of sleep, such as deep sleep and light sleep (also called The REM Cycle.)

A majority of cats don’t have their eyes shut for deep sleep. However, when they are deep and REM asleep, you might observe your cat’s eyes moving between the sides.

Don’t be afraid because this is how we all dream, but make sure you speak to a vet regarding whether or not your cat is suffering from any negative side effects due to this type of sleep when it’s a frequent event.

Cats can also appear to be asleep in their eyes; however, they’re not because they have third eyelids that are more transparent than the others.

The eyelid can be damaged, which can cause it to remain open or closed. A cat that rests in a position with its eyes closed may not be suffering from issues regarding its 3rd eyelid. It’s nevertheless an excellent idea to ask your veterinarian to examine your cat’s eyes more.

There are instances where eyelids get damaged or require surgery. Still, generally, it will be obvious that there’s damage to your cat’s eyelids, particularly when they are completely awake.

The most common sign of damage is when the eyelid isn’t able to open or close completely. So, it is important to be alert to your cat’s eyes, especially when they are asleep.

Cats aren’t known for complaining much or telling you they’re in pain unless they’ve experienced a significant change. Therefore, check cats’ eyes, mouths, skin, or any modifications as a safety practice.

If you’re ever worried or notice changes in your cat’s behavior, Speaking with an animal veterinarian is highly advised.

Your veterinarian or vet tech will typically ask you a few questions to be aware of the current situation experiencing with your cat. The vet will determine whether or not you need to bring your cat to the vet for a check-up.


If eyes are left open for long enough, they start drying out and may either require the cat or human being to blink or get drops for the eyes.

In most cases, cats are completely fine without eyedrops. Suppose you’ve noticed that your cat is always sleeping in their eyes, or they have frequently started blinking and gushing, even when they aren’t sleeping or excessively scratching the face or eyes. In that case, It is recommended to consult with a veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will be informed whether they believe you require any medical intervention for your cat or if there’s no reason to be concerned.

Most of the time, the only thing a veterinarian will recommend is prescription eye drops, but only if your cat’s eyes open due to an underlying severe medical condition.

Don’t ever provide over-the-counter eye drops, particularly when they’re not specifically intended for use by cats. The medications designed for human use may be excessively harsh or excessive for cats, which could lead to more serious health problems than the issue that caused it.

Not only could humans or over-the-counter medication cause damage to the cat’s health, but they may also be considered unnecessary because often, a cat’s body will manage itself without human intervention.

DO CATS sleep with their EYES open when they’re older?

I’ve not been able to discover any studies written by vets on the issue, although many pet owners who complain of this behavior have cats that are thought to be older.

Although several senior cats exhibiting this behavior have been reported on blogs and forums, these articles need to prove that this condition is more prevalent in seniors. They should not be taken as scientific proof or evidence.

It’s not enough to be considered scientific evidence or proof, but it does not mean that kittens aren’t asleep with their eyes wide.

As we mentioned before, we’ve experienced the thrill of seeing our cat sleep with his eyes closed, and he was probably four at the time.

Cats are pretty aware & AWARE.

You’re right in thinking cats are almost always awake, but it’s a matter of perception.

Cats can spend up to 20 hours asleep throughout the daytime but spend much of their time asleep. It’s REM sleep that cats don’t have much of.

An easy method to determine whether your cat is in sleep deep or even REM is watching if they respond to your call or if you move closer to them.

Cats “napping” tend to blink when they hear their owners speak to them, or they may even awake due to a reaction.

Kalista is a good example. She is a good example. She will often breathe deeply in her lungs, but Beau will never cease to smile when you call his name when he’s taking the catnap.

Cats who are in REM sleep usually don’t respond because it is less likely for them to be able to hear your voice.

Due to their inability to hear and react rapidly, the cats have developed not to need a lot of REM sleep, which means they can escape predators at any time they feel they have to.

Should I wake my cat if they sleep with their EYES OPEN?

You can make a choice. However, they’ll likely return to sleep with their eyes closed if they don’t know shortly.

If you decide to awaken your cat, ensure that you’re not trying to get them to sleep, but instead, gently stroke them or call their name.

Because it is difficult to know whether your cat is in REM sleep, you may cause it to be scared or make the cat feel scared.

Although doing this one or once is fine, creating the habit of awakening your cat could lead them to distrust your presence or make them want a safe place to sleep, particularly if they’re shocked.


Although it’s certainly odd that cats have their eyes open, there’s nothing to worry about when your cat has this behavior.

Like everything else concerning cats, it is highly recommended to talk to your veterinarian, particularly if you have a problem.

If your cat shows symptoms of a health issue, it will start showing other signs. Therefore, you must check your cat’s health to ensure you don’t miss any clues or indications, as your cat will likely not reveal the cause.


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